10 to the City Partners

10 to the City is All Souls’ annual tithe intended to bless and positively impact Knoxville. We give to several community partners identified through a church-wide process focused on Isaiah’s marks of a healthy city (Isaiah 65:17-25). We will partner with these 10 to the City organizations and programs through 2017.

As a church, we support these ministries financially. We also support the hundreds of local ministries and people using their work, rest, and prayer to bring wholeness to Knoxville. Please involve yourself with the many ministries in our city, not only these.

Emerald Youth Foundation
Emerald Youth Foundation raises up urban youth to love Jesus Christ and become effective leaders who help renew their communities.
Learn more at EYF's web site.


Amachi Mentoring Program
Amachi establishes mentoring relationships between adults and children. The children qualify for the program by having a parent or both parents incarcerated.
Read more at Amachi's web site.


The Restoration House
The Restoration House is a nonprofit organization that helps restore single mothers and their children back to God’s good intent for their lives.
Read more at the Restoration House web site.


Global SEEDS
Global SEEDS provides education and economic development strategies to empower marginalized peoples to meet their own felt needs.
Read more at Global SEEDS website


Overcoming Believers Church Youth Pastor
Overcoming Believers Church offers and uncommon worship experience in our city. These funds go toward staffing a youth pastor at the church.
Learn more about OBC at their web site.


River & Rail Theatre Company
River & Rail Theatre Company works toward producing relevant stories for diverse audiences.
Discover their upcoming plans on their web site.


InterFaith Health Clinic
InterFaith Health Clinic is a not-for-profit health care ministry that serves the low-income, working uninsured and underserved.
Read more on their mission and ways you may support them at their web site.


Holy Paths
Holy Paths is an ecumenical ministry dedicated to helping others develop spiritual disciplines, find renewal in their busy lives and seek a more intimate relationship with God.
Find your own spiritual guidance at Susanne's web site.