Spiritual Disciplines Practices

All Souls cherishes the practices of the church that connect us to the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This page introduces us to some of those practices.

Breath Prayers

Especially useful in the midst of a busy day

Breath prayers aligning the routine of our breathing with prayers to our Loving God. They offer a way to connect with our Lord in the midst of our busy days.

  • Audio from Susanne Hassell: [Audio file page]
  • PDF for following along and reading exercises and discussion questions: [PDF file]



Fasting - *new*

Especially useful for Lent

During Lent, many Christians commit to give something up for the 40 days of Lent. Consider what you might give up that would allow you to recall and renew your commitment to following Jesus.




Especially useful for Thanksgiving

The practice of gratitude causes us to pay more attention, to be more aware of God’s blessings all around us.

  • Audio from Susanne Hassell: [Audio file page]
  • Handouts for personal and small group exercises as well as a liturgy for groups: [PDF file]



Imagining Scripture

Especially useful for meditation, reading Scripture in a fresh way

Imagining scripture is a meditative practice that lets us discern God's call on our life through seeing the Word come alive.



Lament Psalm Writing

Especially useful for Lent, times of sorrow and suffering

The first of these efforts was our Psalm Writing discipline during Lent (Susanne Hassell and Doug Banister taught on it on March 9, 2014. Listen to Doug's take. We will update this page soon with Susanne's direct teaching.



Praying the hours

Useful for pacing your days in a counter-cultural rhythm

Doug's sermon in Feb 2016, embedded above, centered on fixed-hour prayers. He mentioned the following books, all of which you may use for free in the Library on the 3rd floor of 4MS.

Two books Doug did not mention in the sermon that he also recommends: Praying with the Church and A Sacred Journey through the Hours of the Day.




Especially useful for Advent

Waiting builds us up. During Advent, the church specifically celebrates waiting. We say, “Come Emmanuel (God-with-us).” We wait for Jesus Christ to be revealed in us in a new way. What is God birthing in you during Advent or other times of waiting?



Holy Paths

These works come by way of collaboration with All Souls Church and Susanne Hassell, who leads Holy Paths, Inc. Find more of her work at Holy Paths.